6 Reasons Yoga feels so good outside

I have been practicing and teaching yoga outdoors quite a bit this summer, and, to be honest, I’m getting a little spoiled. It gets harder and harder to go inside to the studio. Practicing outdoors gives you the opportunity to observe the natural world: the smell of the air, the feel of the wind, the sound of the birds, the shifting shadows, and your ever-changing feelings of eagerness, happiness, pride, vulnerability, strength, exhaustion—whatever arises. Making your practice spontaneous and fun!

If you are wavering about whether outdoor yoga is for you, here are a few extra incentives to get you motivated.

1. Being outside. If you live in the UK, you have got to take advantage of the opportunity to get outside and blow away the cobwebs. Seriously, any chance you can get outside for any activity between May and the first freeze have got to be taken advantage of.

2. Amazing views. How cool is it to do a spread-legged forward fold and then, when you twist to the side, see a beautiful blue sky or the green leaves of a tree flapping in the wind?

3. Best yoga-class playlist ever! The music comes courtesy of chirping birds and flowing wind, I couldn’t put together a better playlist if I tried. Close your eyes and it is sublime.

4. Outdoor workouts are awesome for your mood. Numerous pieces of research show a clear connection between spending time outdoors and a reduction in stress. Plus, fresh air and increased oxygen helps release the feel-good brain chemical, serotonin – meaning your outdoor training sessions not only help keep you fit and healthy, they put you in a fantastic mood too!

5. Sunshine. There’s just something special about doing a sun salutation when you can reach your arms up and truly salute the sun.

6. High on nature. Yep, yoga can get you high when you practice inside, but I’m here to tell you the buzz you get from an outdoor practice is simply incredible!

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See you on your mat, outdoors!

Love and Light


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