"Tamarin's classes are the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness. Her positive outlook and energy are just the ideal motivation we need to progress our practice. Yoga tends to be a very personal affair and success is entirely dependant on the teacher's energy. Tamarin has hit the nail on the head in every aspect. Having had many yoga teachers over the past 6 years I can definitely say that Tamarin is an excellent professional. I always leave class feeling elated and with a deep feeling of satisfaction."

Aline E


"Tamarin has been a truly wonderful yoga teacher. Since beginning her Monday and Thursday classes at the start of 2016 I feel I've learnt more about yoga in this short amount of time with her than I have in the whole eight years I've been practicing.

She has a wonderful way of ensuring every yogi in the class is comfortable and able to go at a pace that works best for them- which is great if you either want to push yourself, or take it a bit slower. Her classes also develop over time which is a real pleasure, as you continually feel like you're progressing and learning new positions regularly.

I'd say what's most special about Tamarin though, is her real understanding of the physical and mental health benefits of yoga. As a long term sufferer of anxiety, her classes have been absolutely amazing for my management of this as I've learnt tips and tricks on how to very quickly change my focus and breathing as a way of helping me relax.

She's also a very warm, friendly and fun yoga instructor- there's always room for a giggle in her class and she has a lovely way of helping everyone in her class leave as if they were floating on clouds!

Tamarin is an exceptional yoga instructor and has genuine love for all her yogis- I cannot recommend her highly enough as the best yoga instructor I've ever had the pleasure of being taught by."

Alison D


"I am so grateful to have found Tamarin, her classes are a complete joy to attend. My strength and flexibility are constantly challenged, and Tamarin provides the encouragement and modifications to help me improve in my practice. The philosophy she advocates of non-competitive, non-judgemental practice provide a safe and fun space for everyone to experiment, play and grow. I leave each class feeling invigorated and optimistic thanks to the lovely positive energy she brings. Tamarin is very knowledgeable and skilled, and her passion for yoga is truly inspiring."

Hilary A


"Tamarin is a wonderful teacher. The philosophy of 'yogi's choice' lies at the heart of her classes, meaning that you feel comfortable and supported no matter your ability – no pressure to be ultra flexible or for advanced poses here. Your pace, your comfort zone, your practice. At five months pregnant, I am still looking for an energising and challenging session but one that is adapted for my slightly altered physique and ability. Even in a non-pregnancy yoga class, Tamarin was happy to offer safe and comfortable alternatives for me to do alongside everyone else, while still ensuring that I left feeling challenged and invigorated. Fun, engaging and knowledgable, Tamarin is a yoga teacher you can trust and grow with."

Angie O


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